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Cryptocurrency Company in Europe

The world of cryptocurrency has fascinated both the general public and big businesses. The blockchain and digital currency extend far beyond a few niche users, as some of the world’s biggest companies are already integrating them into their services.
With so much potential for growth, it makes sense that there are now numerous new crypto companies being launched. However, as with any business venture, launching a new company in this sector isn’t easy. There are a host of factors to consider when establishing a new company, especially if you intend to launch it focusing on cryptocurrency or blockchain technology in some way.


At its most basic, a crypto company is a business that makes use of cryptocurrency or blockchain technology in some way. However, the term is also often used in reference to firms that focus on cryptocurrency investing, trading, and exchange. Cryptocurrency companies can be private businesses or be part of larger organizations. However, cryptocurrency businesses are often associated with blockchain technology since they are essentially decentralized, digital ledgers that are not controlled by a single entity. Crypto companies can appear in many different ways. At a basic level, anything that utilizes digital currencies, blockchain technology, or anything else related to those fields falls into this category.

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We can help you establish a firm tailored to your specific requirements.

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We work with the Lithuania regulators to ensure we are compliant with the country’s regulations.

Virtual office service

We offer contact person and virtual office solutions.


We provide accounting services for cryptocurrency businesses.

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Numerous individuals and organizations are now investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in one way or another. Crypto companies have become increasingly popular across Europe, with many new startups popping up each year. With the increased interest in this sector, there has been a rise in the number of new crypto companies being formed in Europe. There are a number of ways you can set up a crypto company in Europe. You can form a branch of an existing EU crypto company, hire a business services firm, or use a low- or no-fee online service to help you set up your company. If you decide to launch a blockchain based company, you need to decide on the type of blockchain you want to use and the type of token you want to create. Alternatively, you can launch a crypto only company in Europe by choosing the best jurisdiction for your business and creating a compliance strategy.


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